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Photo by Gigi Chickee
Photo by Gigi Chickee

My name is Gabrielle, but you can call me Gigi. I’m the newest contributor here at Mad Art Lab. Why am I here? I’ve been asked by Mad Art Lab to be their photography contributor. This is an absolute honor for me. Seriously, you have no idea how ecstatic I am about this. I like to think about how far I’ve come since I first dipped my toe in the skeptical waters and compare it to right now, actually writing for Mad Art Lab. It really blows my mind.

Before I explain why Mad Art Lab asked little ol’ me on board, I’m going to start this post by giving you a bit of background on who I am and what interests me. I have been married for 12 years to a supportive and loving man named Rob.  I have 4 daughters: Zoë, Jude, Scout Finch, and Briar Rose. Scout and Briar are identical twins. I am a secular homeschooling mother. Yes, I know, a secular homeschooler is a rarity, but we do exist. I officially became a skeptic back in 2010. I am a photographer for anyone who wants quality photos with a touch of style. I do get paid for my sessions, but it is mostly a hobby, and I do not dedicate myself to doing it full time. I use my photography to capture moments for those that I love (whether it’s my family or friends) so they can enjoy awesome photos of events that have happened to them. I recently took up sewing and even started selling some of my creations. Let’s just say, my life is full of adventure and amusement.

Now, getting back to why I am here. I originally met up with the Mad Art Lab team when Elyse was doing the Mad Group Art Project. I really dedicated myself to that project. It consisted of 31 words, and each word was assigned to a day in the month of May. You had to photograph something that related to the word of the day. It was up to your interpretation. This project pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to take on ideas that I would have never photographed before. I mean, who photographs “noise”, “lemons”, “bristle” and “surly” ? I will tell you who! I did and it was a challenge but I got awesome pictures out of it. Otherwise, I would have never taken these:

“Noise” by Gigi Chickee with Zoë as camera button operator
Lemon Drop – Photo by Gigi Chickee

Here’s the deal: I will be doing photography “assignments” based on science, geek culture, and skepticism. I might also dive into feminist issues that pertain to any of the aforementioned subjects. I plan to assign myself a subject to photograph and explain the science behind the photography or the subject. It just depends on the particulars I want to cover that week. I might do a theme that I cover just once, or do a special series that will last a few weeks. Again, we’ll take it as it comes.

“Surly Selection” by Gigi Chickee with Zoë as camera button operator

I plan on using part of this opportunity to educate myself in the subject of photography, and I’d love to have you come along for the ride. If anyone has any suggestions on subjects you’d like me to cover, or want me to explain a certain area of photography, please let me know. Your interest and input are valuable assets. So meet me here, Tuesday mornings, and see what I come up with!

“Bristle Family” by Gigi Chickee

Special thanks to Amy and Elyse for thinking of me, and to my fellow Mad Labbers for your generous welcome and support.


Gigi Chickee

All photos are taken by me, Gigi Chickee, unless otherwise noted. Photography Correspondent here at Mad Art Lab. Wife to my gorgeous husband, Rob. Mother to my four girls. Proud Secular Homeschooler. Photographer when the occasion arises. Seamstress in training. Skeptic always. Follow me and my musings on Twitter: @gigichickee

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  1. So happy you’ve joined the crew! Your photos from the Mad Pic Lab project were some of my faves. Excited to see what you’ll be turning out for us next!

  2. I am SO FREAKIN’ thrilled to have you as part of the Mad Art Lab! I am so excited to see what you create! Thank you for joining us. 🙂

  3. I also want to say that I love the idea of exploring feminism and other social justice ideas in photography.

  4. SO excited to have you aboard! Your contributions as a regular here at Mad Art Lab have really made an impression on all of us (as you know) and it’s fantastic that you are now one of us, one of us, one of us…

  5. I’m excited to be aboard, Brian (with an “i” because I care). You all have made me feel so comfy, cozy, and apart of the family here. It’s pretty freakin’ cool. Thanks for that.

  6. What this Lab needed was definitely more Gigi Chickee! Thanks for joining us and snazzin’ up the joint. I can’t wait to see your work here!

  7. Thank you, Donna. I have some neat ideas to write about for the Lab. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my photography and write about the subjects I photograph. I’m also planning on doing some projects that involve a bit of camera work, thus pushing to stretch my photography boundaries. Most of all, I am so pleased to be working with such magnificent people.

  8. Welcome, I remember really liking your pictures. Also, can I say Briar Rose is my favourite name ever and it makes me so happy you named your daughter that.

  9. Thank you! I remember reading Sleeping Beauty to my oldest daughter and came across the name “Briar Rose”. I immediately fell in love with it. We also loved the name “Scout” from To Kill a Mocking Bird, but couldn’t find a suitable middle name. After going back and looking in the book, we decided to use the character’s last name, which is “Finch”. Scout Finch and Briar Rose, our twins are named from two classic stories.

  10. Welcome Gigi! It was great seeing you and Rob at CSICon. You’re outstanding both as a photographer and a subject. I look forward to getting some great artistic tips.

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