frida kahlo by Julien Levy
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Mad Art Cast: Photoshopping the Bloomers off Frida Kahlo

It’s Mad Art Cast time! This episode is a quickie- which means it is short and sweet. In this episode we bring you a story that centers around the artist Frida Kahlo and the nude photos of her that are being shared on the internet. Listen in as the gang discusses the fact that there …

strawberry salsa featured

What Scientists Eat: Strawberry Avocado Salsa

Scientists are smart. So smart that sometimes they tell you something and you think to yourself, “No freakin’ way.” Which is exactly what I thought to myself when astronomer, Dr Nicole Gugliucci said that mixing together strawberries and avocados with peppers and onions would be a good idea. But HOOOOO …

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Mad Art Cast Goes to the Movies

Welcome to episode 15 of Mad Art Cast! This weeks podcast is a fun get-to-know-your-casters edition on movies! That’s right, this episode we talk about the movies we love and why we love them. Hopefully, it will give you some insight into who we are and maybe give you a few …

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#SciArt Project for June

For the month of June my SciArt Patreon supported project is going to be a large painting where I will try to depict, with the images of neurons, what an idea forming might look like. To help me with this tricky bit of brain science I have enlisted the help …


#SciArt Project for May: The Flame Test

My SciArt Patreon supported project for the month of May is complete! This month’s science inspired project is a series of paintings that represent the process in chemistry known as the Flame Test where one can determine what element is present based on the color of the flame. This process is great …


Recipes By Scientists: #WTWTCH No Bake Oatmeal Chews

Ever wonder what a scientist eats? Do they chew on stars and savor the sweet, sweet flavors of knowledge? Or do they actually eat food like the rest of us? Well, starting today, we will try to answer that question with a new series of recipes approved and eaten by …

work in progress

What The Heck is a Flame Test?

What is a flame test you ask? Well for one thing it is a series of paintings in progress that I am working on this month for my Patreon supported science and art project. But the real-deal is that the flame test is a fascination and eye catching technique used …

elmo and vaccines
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Mad Art Cast with Elmo, Kristen Bell and Vaccines!

This week we bring you a quickie episode of Mad Art Cast where the gang gives you a run down on vaccines! Vaccines are good. You should get them. You know who else agrees? The Surgeon General and Elmo. We discuss this adorable public service video and the fact that the …