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Brochure/Poster/Hat II, Electric Boogaloo


My name is… never mind what my name is. I am a spy. Or, I might be. There is certainly a certain probability that I am, anyway. What I am spying on and who I am spying for is irrelevant, for I have infiltrated the Chicago Skeptics and MADE THEM A NEW POPE.

Jairus crowned as SkeptiPope at Skepticamp Chicago 2013
SkeptiPope Jairus I. Photo: Megan Wells

MUA HA HA HA HA, my plan to promote the Ministry of Silly Hats was a resounding success!

And so was Chicago’s third* and LARGEST EVAR Skepticamp, held just this past weekend. And not only did I make new posters, that folded into programs, that folded into hats, I made TWO OF ‘EM.

The requisite pirate hat was relatively simple, as I could use last year’s template. Aside from from having to cram in a LOT of VERY DESCRIPTIVE talk descriptions (dang wordy skeptics!), I tidied up a few things, tightened up some kerning, changed the date, added the location, and boom, HAT.

But was that enough? NO. I mean, why wouldn’t I want to be origami-ing a new hat-program at midnight two days before an event?

First, PROTOTYPES. (With my supervisor.)

white cat on a table with hat prototypes
There’s no way you’re putting one of those on me.

Then, scribble-dy layout.

A professional tape-job.
A professional tape-job.


computer screen showing InDesign layout
Where the magic happens.

I test things out…

sample posters

folded program samples

They are now posters! And programs! Live at Skepticamp!

table of programs and posters at Skepticamp Chicago 2013
Photo: Jairus Durnett

Aaaaaand…. HATS!

Hats and sign at Skepticamp Chicago 2013
Photo: Su Gould

I even got up on stage and did another demonstration of how to fold a paper pirate hat. (Yaaarrr, Cap’n Cuddles! Yer crew be ready!) The crown took a bit more work, though, so I did demos for those in small groups. However, I was so busy actually Skepticamp-ing that I didn’t get any photos of all the people wearing the hats. THIS IS TRAGIC! SKEPTICAMPERS UNITE!

…got any pics for me? Share ’em with our viewers at home!

*counting Skepchicamp in 2010.

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  1. I think this is our third brochure/poster/hat design, which would make it, what, “Brochure/Poster/Hat III: The Last Hatstand”? “Brochure/Poster/Hat III: Revenge of the Hat”?

  2. Ooo, crumbs! I forgot about your printer’s hat! The crown looks like that one, but with points. I think I prefer Revenge of the Hat, the Last Hatstand implies no more hattiness!

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