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Art Inquisition: Do You Wanna Carve a Pumpkin?

Happy Halloween, you gorgeously creative folks! Have you carved a pumpkin (or other decorative gourd-like thing) for this weekend’s festivities? Is it awesome and in need of being shared with the world? Did your carving attempts go hilariously awry? Did you know you can now share photos in our comments? I think you know what to do…

You’d like to see a few samples? Okay.

We begin with a process photo:

a hand holding the top of a cut-into pumpkin with the "guts" and seeds hanging off the "lid"
My sister is a better artist than I, and has documented her process.

The finished result. If you trick-or-treat here, say hello to my sister.

Two carved jack-o-lanterns on either side of a closed wooden door on a front porch
Welcome to Tacoma. The wonder-cat will see you now.

Don’t feel like getting messy? Stop by the craft store for a foam pumpkin to carve!

A foam pumpkin carved with a sinister, cut-up face
Georgeanne is super-creative.


Corner of a front porch decorated with a black-draped table covered in Halloween decorations: old-timey medicine bottles, a jar of wizard wands, a large skull, a carved pumpkin, and cobwebs

As for myself, I carved an emoji. Or Cartman. Because I am an ARTEEST, my work reflects my inner self. WOE, I SAY.

a pumpkin carved to look like a crying emoji
“I’m not fat, I’m festively plump.”

Share your own jack-o-lanterns in the comments! Shine on, you crazy punkins!

The Art Inquisition (or AI) is a question posed to you, the Mad Art Lab reader. It appears on random days at 3pm ET… Because NOBODY EXPECTS THE ARTIST INQUISITION!

Beth Voigt

Beth is a graphic designer in Chicago, a superhero in her own mind, and absolutely nothing on TV. She wrangles fonts professionally, pummels code amateurishly, and has been known to shove fire in her face for fun. Fond of volunteering, late-night bursts of productivity, and making snacks, she dislikes grocery shopping and sticky public transit and is only on her second smartphone. Her opinion is that you should try everything twice; if you don't like it, you were probably doing it wrong the first time around. If external links are your thing, here are links to Twitter and Instagram, and you can support her ongoing weirdness by buying her a coffee or six.

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