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Welcome to the MAL Page O’ Downloads! Below are the collected projects, patterns, and artworks that we’ve created for MAL. Feel free to use any of what you find below, but please credit the artist wherever possible. Also, let us know what you do with them! We love to see our work being used creatively.

Finally, if you can, consider tipping the artists for their work. Tipping links can be found in their profiles.

Project Patterns

Foam Dragon Head Thumbnail
Giant Foam Dragon Head
Pattern for a large EVA foam dragon head. Original post here
Zelda Armor Thumbnail
Princess Zelda accouterments
PDF including designs for crown, shoulders, belt, apron, and dress hem decoration. Original post is here
paper rocket
Launch a Paper Rocket!
Paper rocket craft project. Original post including full instructions is here


Sparklecorn Thumbnail
Sparklecorn png
Marie Curie Thumbnail
Sparklecorn horrifying animated gif
paper rocket
Resist/persist design. Original post is here

Paper Dolls

Marie Curie Thumbnail
Marie Curie Paper Doll
Salvador Dali Thumbnail
Salvador Dali Paper Doll
Albert Einstein Thumbnail
Albert Einstein Paper Doll
Richard Feinman Thumbnail
Richard Feinman Paper Doll
Jane Goodall Thumbnail
Jane Goodall Paper Doll
Grace Hopper Thumbnail
Grace Hopper Paper Doll
Ada Lovelace Thumbnail
Ada Lovelace Paper Doll
Bill Nye Thumbnail
Bill Nye Paper Doll
Phill Plait Thumbnail
Phill Plait Paper Doll
Phill Plait Thumbnail
Carl Sagan Paper Doll
Erwin Schrodinger Thumbnail
Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger Paper Doll
Nicola Tesla Thumbnail
Nicola Tesla Paper Doll
Alan Turing Thumbnail
Alan Turing Paper Doll
Neil deGrasse Tyson Thumbnail
Neil deGrasse Tyson Paper Doll
Brian Cox Thumbnail
Brian Cox Paper Doll
Chris Hadfield Thumbnail
Chis Hadfield Paper Doll