Power-Armor Punch-Up

Everyone loves a good power-armored dust-up. There is something deeply satisfying about watching a billionaire in an indestructible suit punch their way to victory. As I watch Iron Man and Batman do battle with bombs, gods, and motor vehicles, though, I can’t help but wonder about their long-term health. Even …


Are Flying Cars the Future of Transport?

No, and you should know by now that they aren’t. There’s been a headline just about every year you’ve been alive that someone has built a flying car and it’s going to revolutionize the way we travel. It never does. It never will. This has very little to do with technological …

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Life Signs Detected

I love good sci-fi. Hell, I love bad sci-fi, but sometimes I make the mistake of thinking too much about it and then I start to get grouchy. Today I’m grouchy about detecting life. In almost any space-faring sci-fi story, there is a moment when someone pushes a button, looks …

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Making a Replica Discovery Combadge

I was pretty whiny about the costumes in Star Trek: Discovery last week. There is a part of the uniform that I didn’t talk about at all, though: the combadge. The original series didn’t have combadges, but crests that showed their department on the ship: command, operations or science. The …

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Star Trek: Discovery – Throwing Down the Gauntlet to Cosplayers

The costumes in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series are as baffling as they are beautiful. I imagine the artistic director found out that people liked to make replica star trek costumes and took it as a challenge. “We’ll not be having that,” they said. “We’ll have no pajama shirts or polyester jumpsuits …

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Star Trek: Optimism

Star Trek: Discovery, set to be released this fall, has entered the wild speculation stage of production. There’s a trailer that tells us just enough for denizens of the internet to get angry about. There are a lot of women and not a lot of white folks, and there are some …


Harry Potter and the Unexpected Obsession

A while ago, I wrote about some of the aspects of the Harry Potter that I took issue with and how I accidentally wrote a novel in an attempt to make a Harry Potter story without so much abuse and poor teaching. Well, I’ve just released a second novel set in the Harry Potter …


Top 9 Music Video Dance Routines

I learned to dance largely from watching music videos and copying what I saw. That was often an exercise in frustration because the standard format for a music video has a cut about once a second, making it impossible to follow the movements. Even videos with impressive dance numbers cut …