Maria Merian as a paper doll

New Paper Doll! The Metamorphosis of Maria Merian

Maria Merian was a seventeenth century entomologist who self-financed an insect finding expedition to the jungles of Surinam, and whose ecological approach to studying animals was centuries ahead of its time. Her illustrations are masterpieces of their kind. You can read her full story (part of MAL’s Women in Science series) …

two large cinnamon rolls with bacon rolled into them and stripes of frosting on top

Kitchen Lab: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’…

I never know whether to appreciate or scoff at all the “recipe” posts on random social media sites that are basically slapping together three pre-packaged ingredients and calling it dinner. On one hand, I’m not so much with the time-having and the chopping and dicing and the farmer’s-marketing and all that. …

Row of cookbooks. Photo: Beth Voigt

Kitchen Lab: FAQ

With the advent of Food Fridays here at the Lab, I thought I’d take the opportunity to bring back my ludicrous Kitchen Lab posts. Why is it a lab? Because I am doing a science, of course! WTF is Kitchen Lab? Kitchen Lab is an intermittent series of Mad Art Lab …

Lego paleontologist minifig looking through magnifying glass at the viewer, with Lego dinosaur "bones" in the backrground
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Art Inquisition: A Cure For What Ails You?

I’ve been sick this weekend and more than a little brain-fuzzy, but I still wanted to do A Thing. An Arty Thing, really. I wasn’t in much shape to string a lot of independent thoughts together, though, which isn’t really conducive to creativity. And like many people, I kinda revert …


Science Paper Art Hour at CONvergence: Paper Dolls Galore!

This year’s SkepchickCON  at CONvergence was, of course, awesome as usual. We had a blast seeing everyone who joined us at our panels, danced in our party room, and did fantastic art and science projects in Connie’s Quantum Sandbox. We painted with waxworms, made a jillion different papercrafts, extracted strawberry DNA, and …

painted plaster copy of a rune stone from St. Paul's Cathedral in London, depicting an animal of some kind in red and black
Visual Art

A-Viking We Will Go

Yaaarr, Vikings! Plunder and pillage! Huge, be-furred raiders in horned helmets! Everyone has their own personal Mjolnir! If that’s what comes to mind when someone says “Vikings,” you may want to reconsider. The very word viking, as it’s commonly used, is somewhat inaccurate. It derives from Old Norse, and meant a trade ship or …

Flag of Scotland

As Others See Us – Will Scotland Be Brave?

Oh wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us To see oursel’s as others see us! It wad frae monie a blunder free us An’ foolish notion. – Robert Burns On this, the day before the vote on whether Scotland should be an independent country, I would like to share with …