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closeup of chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting

Kitchen Lab: Chi-rish Cupcakes That Did Not Bomb

Even while I was bartending, I thought the idea of a shot named the “Irish Car Bomb” was a little… rude. Offensive. Insensitive, at least. “Har har, all of these ingredients are Irish, and you drink the shot in a way that’s called a “bomb,” and those Irish folks are always blowing each other up with cars! HAR!” Now granted, being from Detroit, I may ... »

A shadow on a brick wall with a window (photo: Beth Voigt)

Art Inquisition: Do you want to be alone?

Do artists need to be wild? Agonized? Tortured? Living fast and dying young? Starving? Substance-enhanced? In a recent By Heart series in the Atlantic, Danish writer Dorthe Nors posited that Ingmar Bergman, in his solitude and reclusiveness, had the right of it in his last few decades of life. Rather than living the wild artist’s cliche, his artistic discipline was committed to a routine tha... »

MAL-entine’s Day is coming!

I don’t want to alarm anyone but VALENTINE’S DAY IS THIS FRIDAY. If you don’t have all your proper v-day accoutrements and hoity-toitily overwrought micro-tapas gastro-chic reservations prepared already, you’re either SOL or you care about v-day just as much as I do (read: not a whit). However, if this is the sort of holiday on which you like to take an extra moment to make... »

lined notebook paper seen through a cut-out sheep drawing

What Color is Your Sheep?

Last night in our Growing Up Godless panel during FTBCon, I mentioned that I’d been to churchy-camp without even realizing it was churchy as a child. Apparently there was a nearby church holding summer “camps” with a running theme of the Chronicles of Narnia; if I remember correctly, each year they used a different book from the series. Being the sort of kid who would waddle up t... »

mug brownie,

Kitchen Lab: Mug Shots

Whilst messaging with my sister (and having my nephew’s oddness transcribed for me) on Tuesday night, she mentioned this whole “brownie-in-a-mug” thing I keep seeing around Ye Olde Intarwebs. “I’m cold,” she said. “time to make hot chocolate and dream about a mug brownie.” This, after another sister (shush, I have three) had been extolling the virtue... »

Chris Hadfield paper doll cut out and standing up with 4 others still on paper

Happy New Year from Mad Art Lab!

How are you spending the first day of 2014? I’m making things.   See more of our paper dolls here. »

Earphones in a Lightbox, logos removed and isolated. From carloszk on

Art Inquisition: What’s That Sound?

While the word “multimedia” may make you think of grade-school dioramas or terrible auto-play anything on inconsiderate websites, it can be used by those unfamiliar with art not in frames as a sort of catch-all phrase for any non-traditional art. Music they understand. Paintings, sure. Sculpture can toe the line, depending on how representational it is. And mention the word “inst... »

circuit board, from a_kartha on

Art Inquisition: What do you want to know?

So much time, so little to do! Being all versatile and multifaceted is hard, y0. I have too many interests and not enough time to pursue them and work and eat and sleep. And occasionally consider having a social life that involves more than falling asleep immediately after ordering from GrubHub. I’m falling behind, slacking, getting rusty. Which is extra dangerous given my interest in comput... »

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