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Work-In-Progress Weekends Begin Now!


Many someones have been attributed as saying,

“A work of art is never finished, it is only abandoned.”

But some work still hangs in limbo, while you’re not working on it but you’re not ready to abandon it juuuuuuust yet. The stuff that seemed like a really good idea at the time but got WAY more complex than anticipated, the photography project waiting for the right light, the circuitry that needs one more part that’s on backorder, the costume accessory that needs more research, all the things that simply run out of time. These are works in progress.

An aspect of WIPs that can be difficult is that you’re doing so much work, but nobody’s seen it yet. Nobody recognizes what you’re going through, the effort you’re putting in, or even what the project looks like before it’s beautiful and amazing and shown to the world. It simply springs fully formed out of nowhere! Art is easy! Look at it! This finished thing of beauty!

Another aspect is accountability. If nobody knows about your project, it’s really easy to abandon. Nobody knows it existed… and sometimes you feel like you’ve wasted your time. Nobody wants that!

So here at the Lab on WIP Weekends, we’re going to share our projects with you. We’ll show you the stages of work, even the not-so-pretty bits. You’ll see the effort that goes in, be able to check out our progress, and get a peek into how it all works. As a bonus to us, we’ll get a few more people who might be just as excited as we are when the projects are finally finished.

Sound good? I hope so. Weekends here at the Lab are gonna turn into a workshop for some amazing things, so be sure to check in a few times every weekend to see what’s cookin’.

To give you an idea, here’s something I’ve been working on improving, VERY sporadically:

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