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The Illustrated Women In Science: Year One!


Thrill to the jungle-crawling entomology of Maria Merian, cheer at the multi-dimensional mathematics of Maryam Mirzakhani, weep at the tragic end of Sofia Kovalevskaya, and gasp at the universe-cracking insights of Emmy Noether!  All 26 of the MadArtLab Women In Science cartoons and essays are now available in one handy volume, dear friends.  With luscious full color interiors and a lovely introduction by Jocelyn Oudesluys, The Illustrated Women in Science: Year One is the perfect gift for that aspiring scientist / historical comic enthusiast / partial derivative fanatic in your life!

Now available for purchase here!  10% of all profits go to benefit the Sulphur Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

And now that the obligatory promotional passages are out of the way, I just wanted to take this moment to thank everybody at MadArtLab for their constant support and encouragement, and everybody who has written in over the past year and change to share their enthusiasm for that all too under-represented genre of female scientist history.  It’s meant everything, simply everything.  Onwards, to Year Two!

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