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WIP Weekend – Fun With Epoxy

I am gearing up for the jewelry show season for Lumen Electronic Jewelry.  And one of my favorite parts of creating jewelry is sealing them in epoxy.  Sure most of the steps are fun, but this second to last step is where the circuit boards start to look like jewels, all shiny and wet with epoxy.  People often mistake them for glass-work when they first see them.


I brush on a special epoxy designed for sealing electronics.  It has a long working life of 2 hours, excellent optical clarity, and little to no smell.  I then hang them from coat hangers attached to a lamp and allow them to cure at room temperature for at least 24 hours, occasionally cleaning up drips.

IMAG0051_s IMAG0049_1_s

The jewelry is solar powered and because my worktable is near a window they blink even while the epoxy is curing.  It’s fun to go to bed  and see them all twinkling, releasing the suns energy late into the night.


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