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WIP Weekend – Beachy Necklace Part 2

Yesterday I posted about the beachy found object necklaces I was planning to make.  Today I am excited to share the final stone necklace I finished over the weekend.

First I wrapped black wire around the ends to help hang it.



Back.  Not the most elegant job, but it works.


I thought it would be cool to do some more wire wrapping through the holes, but the stone turned out to be too delicate and broke.  🙁


I almost abandoned the project at this point. However, words from my therapist saved it.  She has been encouraging me to let go of my perfectionism by embracing the concept of Wabi Sabi.  Continuing this project seemed a the perfect opportunity to find the beauty in imperfection.

The black enameled wire was nicked by my tools which exposed the copper wire underneath.  I scratched off more of the black enamel with sand paper to continue the imperfect appearance.   P1030309_s

I decided to hang the necklace with black leather cord.  I didn’t have any copper crimp beads that were large enough, so I made my own coils with the black wire and squeezed them on.  It took a few tries to get the right diameter and not squeeze too hard and break the cord.


Finally, I used copper crimp ends and findings to finish the necklace.


I am really pleased with the final result.  I love the delicacy of the leather cord contrasted with the solid stone.  The stone looks sturdy but is actually delicate and easily scratched.


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