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WIP Weekend: Don’t Boo, Vote!


I’ve been super-busy this week and only able to keep up with the chaos that is American politics via the occasional social media break. And maybe a quick speech here and there, or more often just a snippet. So when I saw the incredible reaction to the phrase “don’t boo, vote!” I kinda wondered what was up.

It’s certainly a fantastic sentiment, and from the President, no less.

Yes, you should definitely register and vote instead of sitting around booing, but… I mean, this isn’t the first time he’s said it or anything.

I do think he means it, from way back in 2012:

And then again in 2014:

Once again, earlier this month:

And then, folks noticed earlier this week:

Hoo boy, did they notice.

Rather than throw a pile of Tweets in here, I’ll just let you browse the hashtag: #DontBooVote. Folks were calling it the quote of the night and asking for tshirts, so I thought I’d oblige.

But remember that whole “busy” thing I mentioned earlier? Yep, still a thing. A tshirt is still a ways off, but here’s a couple of things I’ve started.

First just doodles:


Then I thought I’d just browse fonts:


Seeing what different stripe widths and star spacings looked like:


And then I tried the whole thing real quick, once:


…but to wear any of these on a tshirt? Nothing’s finished, and I don’t really love any of ’em that much.


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