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The Little Universe, Episode 6

My very deepest apologies for being so late with this episode. You know that pesky thing called ‘life’? Yeah, well that happened and I was powerless to resist it’s iron-strength jaws.

On with the show…

Well, we’ve gone over to the dark side. It’s about time this Universe started to look a bit more grown up, a bit more Universey. This episode deals with the nature of space in the Universe. I needed to convey that it is not simply empty space; it has a texture; a fabric. And that’s a difficult thing for a kid to grasp – that space isn’t just space.

You certainly can’t explain it all – and why should you? In these pages I felt it was most important to recognise ‘the end of the Universe’, as that’s something that most kids (including myself) first want to know – what happens when you get to the end? I wanted to eradicate that notion straight away. The Universe may not have an ‘end’, but once that’s dealt with, the path is empty to be filled with all the other wonderful things that the Universe does have.

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Laurent is a children's editor and illustrator who lives in London with her two cats and a rabbit. If she wasn't an editor she'd be a paleontologist, and if she wasn't a human she'd be a dinosaur. Her favourite dinosaur is Triceratops. Follow her on Twitter: @mrs_laurent

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  1. This is such a noble goal you’ve set yourself. Can’t wait till it’s done.

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