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The Little Universe, episode 4

Dedicated to Tula Violet Haywood, born 7th May 2012, and Elyse Anders, immortal 7th May 2012.

Well, it’s the big day! It’s time for the Big Bang, and I have not two, not three, but FIVE pages of The Little Universe to offer today. As much as I would like to say it, this isn’t because I’m feeling extra generous or have a lot of time on my hands – the story just splits nicely this way.

Ready… Set …

So I ran with the bird analogy. This way the reader can visualize our compressed matter flying free. I chose the simple black bird silhouettes as a build-up piece as I thought it conveyed the feeling of release, but a silent, almost ‘still’ release, which is what I’ve personally always felt about the beginning of the Universe. And I chose to convey the big moment with this big neon splat for much the same reasons – it’s silent, instantaneous and stunning. I imagine being in a white room, and there’s suddenly colour beyond my wildest imaginings.

How someone envisages the beginning of the Universe will be very individual to them. If you’re a hardcore scientist then maybe you won’t envisage anything at all, because – and they’d be quite right – how can you, really? But, for others, that the glory of thinking and feeling in pictures

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  1. I thought I loved this book as much as I could possibly love it… then, more in love today! I may have to slow down or my immortality is going to be trumped by my heart exploding!

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