Harry Potter and the Unexpected Obsession

A while ago, I wrote about some of the aspects of the Harry Potter that I took issue with and how I accidentally wrote a novel in an attempt to make a Harry Potter story without so much abuse and poor teaching. Well, I’ve just released a second novel set in the Harry Potter …

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The Feel Good Bar and Grill a Book About Robots You Can Color

You guys! I made my first book! It’s called The Feel Good Bar and Grill and you can color it if you want! From my Book Baby page: The Feel Good Bar and Grill is a fictional, illustrated story for all ages about a robot named Lina who builds a …


Amreica is Grate!

Ah, the art of writing! From elegant multi-volume novels to a well-distilled Tweet, the written (and spoken) word is lauded with grand awards while somehow simultaneously dismissed as something that can be done by anyone. But while just about anyone can use language to communicate, it can be glaringly obvious when there’s something… missing.


Harry Potter and the Consequences of Overthinking Children’s Literature

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve spent much more time lately thinking about Harry Potter than is typically considered healthy for a grown man. Over the past few months, I’ve rewatched the movies, played the Lego games, read most of the books, listened to podcasts, and spent a …


In Defense of Fanfiction – A Convert’s Tale

Fanfiction has a pretty bad reputation. Part of it is earned, but a lot of it is just because it sits pretty far down the list on Maslow’s hierarchy of nerds. Nerds have a pervasive inferiority complex so we spend a lot of time distinguishing ourselves from our perceived lessers …

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Life in a Gas Cloud – a short story

I had the delight of being on a panel about the possibilities of megafauna in space, at Dragon Con this year alongside  Dr. Pamela Gay and our own Emily. With a little help from the audience we speculated on the extremes that physics and biology could allow. I took a …


Becoming a Hufflepuff or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Badger

I was born a Ravenclaw, or so I told myself. When Harry Potter came out, I was neck deep in academia, and had groomed myself to be there since before high school. When everyone started sorting themselves into houses, I naturally fell into the house of Ravenclaw, the house of …


Book Review: Dandelion Seeds

One of our Mad Art Lab alumni, Steve DeGroof, recently wrote a book basically by accident.  It was mentioned in the Quickies a couple weeks ago, and I finally overcame my slow reading speed of late to finish it.  My first pass impression (which is also a recommendation of “you’ll probably …