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The Art Assignment

An exciting new YouTube channel launched today that I thought should be on your radar. It’s called The Art Assignment and is hosted by Sarah Urist Green and her husband John Green. Sarah has been active in the art world for quite some time; cutting her teeth at Columbia University before her most recent job curating at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. John is an active writer of Young Adult novels such as The Fault in Our Stars*, Looking for Alaska, and Paper Towns. He is also very active on Youtube hosting videos for the Vlogbrothers Channel as well as Crash Course. The channel is set up to encourage viewers to take part in an art assignment proposed by a number of artists from around the country. First on the tour is New York as we are introduced to Douglas Paulson and Christopher Robbins. They’ve asked us to create a collaborative piece of art. I won’t divulge more than that to keep the mystery alive, I suppose. Check out the first episode below and subscribe if you enjoy it.

*I really can’t recommend reading this book enough. I’ve bought countless copies for friends and loved ones. Check it out before the movie comes out in June. I’m sorry in advance for all the tears.

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