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Such a Nasty Woman


Nasty woman?

Own it.

Amy and I were so annoyed after last night’s debate that we made you some stuff. Because that’s really the best reaction to angry-making things… go make something good instead.

This is Amy’s; she was super-quick on the draw and had this done right after the debate.


She’s donating 10% of her profit to Planned Parenthood… in the Republican candidate’s name.

While Amy was busy getting s*** done, I sat and steamed for a while before I put these next two together. (I also finally got “Don’t Boo, Vote!” finished.)


You can get these in different sizes, colors, and on a bunch of stuff other than t-shirts!

And if you’d just like to proclaim that you’re a nasty woman after the election season, we’ve got you covered.


My first name ain’t baby… and nasty boys don’t mean a thing.

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