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Sketchnoting Adventures


Earlier this month I met up with a bunch of fellow Mad Art Lab-ers at Dragon*Con. In addition to the exhausting, wonderful, and crazy shenanigans that always occur at such events, those wonderful humans reminded me just how much I’ve missed out on during my not-so-brief hiatus from Mad Art Lab. It didn’t take long for them to convince me to return, so I’m back! All ready to help Mad Art Lab with its schemes of world domination – I mean plans to spread science and art around the world.

In January, I had the pleasure of attending Perrin Ireland‘s Science Scribe 2.0 session at Science Online 2012. Learning how to combine doodling and note-taking into something called sketchnoting was a huge “ah hah” moment for me. I haven’t been able to stop since.

Anne shared a wonderful post about her first experiences with sketchnoting (also called graphic recording) a few weeks ago and shared some of the purpose and ideas behind this form of visual/written communication. I’d like to continue this thread and share the results as I continue to learn and experiment with sketchnoting at various events.

Since this all started, for me, at Science Online 2012, here’s a look at my first attempt during the session with Perrin back in January. It contains a lot of the tips and tricks that she shared and demonstrated for us during her talk. I quickly learned that it’s all about confidence, speed, and organization. Still working on getting those down.

My first sketchnoting!
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  1. Since you introduced me to the concept I started trying it in my classes as well. It’s so much easier to pay attention when I get to draw something fun.

    My fonts don’t begin to compare to yours though.

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