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Science Is Beautiful

Hello Mad Art Lab! My name is Katy and I wanted to take just a few minutes to introduce myself.

I love insects, space, theoretical physics and art! Iā€™m currently working on an art project in which I am painting different astronomy and space objects and learning about each along the way. One of my favorite things is trying to combine art and science in new and interesting ways that will get people excited about the world we live in.

Science is beautiful! A lot of us have probably heard this before — maybe from teachers, scientists or maybe from science geeks like myself. Many of you visiting Mad Art Lab probably already agree that science is beautiful. But why does it matter if science is beautiful?

There are far too many examples of the beauty of science for me to even begin to scratch the surface. The scientific method itself is beautiful, as are the many discoveries we have made by using it. Countless wonders and beauties are known to us because of it. It matters because it provides numerous ways to inspire and motivate people to become involved and educated in the fields of science. This gives us a great tool to use both in education and in science communication. Science as a whole is not dull and boring at all!

Art has a unique advantage in its ability to capture and communicate the wonders of the scientific method and its discoveries. Sharing a sense of awe and wonder for our planet helps generate an interest in the sciences and critical thinking. Just do a quick Google image search for “John James Audubon” for some great examples!

Photo: false-color image of a Keratella rotifer taken and edited by me.


Katy is a college student in North Carolina. She loves insects, astronomy, and pretty much anything related to science. Katy spends a lot of her time making messes with watercolors and might be in love with a robot named GLaDOS. Find her on twitter: @KatyAnnC. She also has a blog called Katy's Notebook.

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  1. Alright Katy! Welcome to the blog! Remember, as the newbie you have to bring the whiskey to our MAL Friday Night Art-making BBQ Luau.

  2. Are we doing this?! We should drink whiskey, BBQ with whiskey, and pour whiskey onto cake.

    Oh, and welcome! Yay for insects and GLaDOS šŸ˜€

  3. Thanks for the welcome Brian and Maki! I’ll be sure to remember my duties as the newbie. I am all for some BBQ luaus!

    Yes, insects and GLaDOS are the best. šŸ™‚

  4. Welcome to the lab, Katy! I LOVE your art! And I completely support the BBQ idea as long as no one makes fun of me for BBQing my tofu. (sounds sexier than it is)

    And I don’t know what the deal is with that Portal game. I can’t seem to get out of the training center….

  5. Alright Katy! One of the best #scienceart Twitter tweeps I know. Love the rotifer.

    Great first post. The beauty in science is staggering and pales what pre-scientific imagination could come up with.

  6. Thank you Amy! I won’t make fun of the tofu. I respect the tofu. Definitely stick with Portal! Look up a guide if you need to because you have to finish it! šŸ˜€ So amazing…

    Thanks for the encouragement Glendon! I’m glad to be here.

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