Seriously guys, they’re staring at me.

While at a gig, I found myself staring at a door. The markings on it were just dirt. But in my head, it was obvious what they meant. I’d spotted another one. I’m now paranoid I’m gonna find mice heads in my bed in the morning. The goddess Minerva is after me. There is no other other possible explanation.

I’ve always thought the full moon looks more like an owl face than a human face (if it is a human face, it is whistling).  I tend to see an owl first when I look at clouds or  bubble bath. (NB I don’t mistake an owl for a cloud, nor do I bathe with them – scratchy).
I looked on the interwebs to investigate this problem, and found a range of similar owl related troubles. Turns out I’m not alone.
A car (though the chap also looks owlish with those dark specs on)
A dollar bill –
A different bit of car –
BTW, owls symbolise ‘wisdom’… even you Americans can pick up on that irony.


Iszi Lawrence is an English comedian and paid doodler. Iszi helps run skeptics in the pub Oxford and performs throughout Europe. Listen to her free weekly podcast She has up to ten toes at any one time.

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  1. Although owls symbolize wisdom, it turns out that as birds go they aren’t particularly smart. Their huge eyes leave relatively little room in their head.

    I read a pretty interesting book called “Bats aren’t Blind and Owls Aren’t Wise”, ostensibly about animal myths but that was more a jump-off point for interesting and little-known facts about North American animals.

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