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Ladylike lessons on geek chic

Make up and looking good. Hard stuff to do. Well, there is only one thing for it. A tutorial, especially for Skepchicks. Enjoy x

Ladylike Lessons




Iszi Lawrence is an English comedian and paid doodler. Iszi helps run skeptics in the pub Oxford and performs throughout Europe. Listen to her free weekly podcast www.sundaysupplement.com. She has up to ten toes at any one time.

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  1. Now if only someone would make a style video for “Geek” guys explaining how to put on a collared shirt and wash clothes!
    jk….. (Only half joking)

  2. Fantastic! I may need to put on make-up now. I may also shave half of my moustache just so’s I can draw it in with blue eyeliner.

  3. @D peabody. Have I mentioned that we take requests.

    I have a long weekend coming up. Let’s see if I can be as pretty as Iszi.

  4. So I have to get more lesbian hair to look right? But then there’ll be yet another short haired blonde skepchick and it’ll look like we’re starting a cult. We’re trying to keep that a secret.

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