Scenes from a MAL: NASA Wants YOU!

Sometimes we get a little excited about things on the MAL backchannel, where we all use as a nerdy playground full of of resources, links, and gifs. So last week when NASA released these awesome new posters, there was some squeeing.

From: Jim, along with the original link

NASA wants Mars explorers, cool posters, and to remind people to look up.

From: Emily

Yay, they’re wearing spacesuits this time, rather than being awkwardly gendered like one of the previous rounds!

From: Katie

Love the illustration style.

From: Jim, replying to Emily

I wondered about that. I don’t remember the last round, but spacesuits seems like the best idea for this. Who’s in that spacesuit? What do they look like? They look like YOU. NASA wants YOU to explore the goddamn universe.

From: Emily

“NASA wants YOU to explore the goddamn universe. ” Now I want *this* on a poster. And on a t-shirt.

From: Donna

YESSSSS, me too.

From: Beth

Since it’s “hurry up and wait” day at the pixel mines…

Do they take measurements for spacesuits, or is this a small-medium-large thing?

From: Jim

Heh. I want to produce that video.

A young boy is sitting on a curb in the city. He kicks a rock, and it stops at the feet of a woman in a uniform. 
She looks concerned, “Hamza, you seem down. What’s wrong?”
He glances upward, “Some kids at school said I’m nothing. They said I’m poor, and I’ll go nowhere. They took my shoes. They suck.”
“Well now, that’s a problem we can solve, let me–“
“And I saw the news. There are bombings. Hunger. It isn’t just kids at school, is it? This whole world sucks, doesn’t it Julie?”
“Hamza, look up. You can’t see many stars from the city, but they’re out there. And you can be too. This world might suck, but it’s a speck in something vast and incredible. You can go.”
“And there are no problems out there?”
Julie laughs. “There are plenty of problems. Everyone has to count on each other to stay alive every minute of every day.” She kneels, looking up with him. “Hamza, no matter where you are, you’re not nothing. But out there you’re extraordinary. You’re needed. You’ll write our name in the stars.”
“Will I get new shoes?”
“We’ll give you a whole suit.”

From: Emily

Beth, this is my new favorite thing!

From: Julie

I’m so excited by these I need to reinforce my bra cups.

From: Jim

Also, Beth, your poster is amazing. Do want.

From: Amy

Awesome! Please post that!

And thus, here we are… far be it from me to ignore a polite request from the boss. Enjoy!

Beth Voigt

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