NECSS 2012

In less than a week, The Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS) will be taking place in New York City. This will be my fourth time attending NECSS and each year has been funner than the last. I've gotten to meet so many people who I had previously known only as teeny little avatars.  As it turns out, meeting people that you are friends with online, in person, is super-fantastic. The only real downside is learning that someone who appears as a cartoon rabbit in their avatar is, in fact, not a cartoon rabbit in real life. But this only happens about 72% of the time. 

In addition to the two day conference(Saturday April 21 and Sunday the 22nd), there are a bunch of other events where you can buy me a drink. This includes Drinking Skeptically, Story Collider, trips to the American Museum of Natural History (sold out), the one where you get to hang out with the conference speakers, and another Drinking Skeptically.

The conference itself has a great lineup of speakers and panels and there will be two live podcast recordings: The Skeptics Guide to the Universe and Rationally Speaking.

There are still some tickets left, but you should hurry and pick yours up soon. This venue has sold out each time NECSS was held there in past years. There are also Single Day tickets left for Sunday April 22nd if you cannot swing both days.

If you can't make it to the conference, be sure to follow whatever Twitter hashtag that we come up with (probably #NECSS2012 or similar), but you can follow @NECSS for more details. AND I believe there will be some form of streaming video and/or near real-time upload of video from the conference. I'll try and get a link up here when it is confirmed. I should also mention that you can sponsor a student to attend and you would be the coolest person ever if you did. Details here.

I hope to see many of you there!

Quick links:

Venue details here. Daily Event timeline here. Registration here.


Brian George

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