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Name That Word Cloud


Here are three word clouds made from excerpts of three well-known books. See if you can identify them.

Cloud #1:

Cloud #2:

Cloud #3:

Nothing tricky here. Chances are you’ve read all three books, or at least are familiar with them. If this goes well, I might try some more interesting ones.

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  1. I’m going to go with Origin of the Species for the first one and The Time Machine for the third.

    No idea on the second one, but it doesn’t sound all that uplifting.

  2. Would vote cloud 2 for Cosmos, but where’s “Star stuff”?
    Cloud 3 has “Time” and “time”, so I cry foul.
    Is thee something to the shape of the cloud?

  3. The first two right I guessed right off as “The Origin of Species” and “Cosmos”. But there is no one named Filby in “The Time Machine” (in fact the protagonist goes unnamed throughout), so that one wound up completely stumping me.

    Looking at Wikipedia, it appears that one of the film versions of “The Time Machine” has a main character named Filby, so I’m guessing #3 is actually from a screenplay script.

  4. I see; Filby is apparently a guest at the dinner in the introductory chapter, before The Time Traveller takes over narration. (As is The Psychologist — which also explains its size in the word cloud.)

    But then it seems odd to me that people who only appear in the introduction would be that prominent, while Eloi, Morlock and Weena are so small that I can’t even see them. Does the word cloud software give preferential treatment to words that appear earlier in the text? Or maybe was it only of the book’s first chapter?

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