May I introduce myself . . .

Hey Madartists,

I’m Kernan Coleman, creative director at Ranch7 Creative, a small advertising and design agency in Northern California. I am still somewhat blown away to say that we are the new (first?) agency of record for the JREF. I was kindly invited to join you by the estimable (and formidable) Ms. Amy Davis Roth after proving myself a tolerable companion for a rousing evening of drag queen bingo in WEHO this January. I was not wearing a dress (then).

A former science geek child whose main form of rebellion against my very sensible atheist father was to became a resident of Wooville (where I used my powers of design for evil, but that, as they say, is another story). I returned to my senses over a ten year period and have been an ardent supporter of skepticism, atheism and science ever since. Though I’ve always devoured all things science (even in Wooville) I was a mathphobic kid which pretty much rendered me a functionally innumerate adult. This meant no career in science and rendered me woefully incapable of attacking for forces of ignorance on technical terms. I therefore use the powers that I do have at my disposal to help the cause of rationalism: art, creativity and snark.

While others who actually paid attention in science class (instead of drawing spaceships, sharks, superheroes and cars) might be of use on the front lines of serious debate, I prefer to use art and design for a more emotive appeal. I’ll post sometime on my theories of how art can aid skepticism and critical thinking in popular culture and the broader marketplace of ideas (or lack thereof). I think we have a big tent here where snark and concordance may not ever be bffs (hey, you got atheism in my accommodationism!), but need to realize that they are both necessary in reaching a broad range of people who are on the fence.

So my attention is divided between my day job at the Ranch: http://www.ranch7.com and my poor, neglected stepchild of a blog (whose contents I shall slowly migrate over here) as well as my addiction to Pharyngula, Respectful Insolence, Bad Astronomy, Skepchick, and all the podcasts I listen to at work, SGU, QuackCast, The Skeptic Zone, Little Atoms, The Geologic Podcast.

My schedule has ramped up at work and my copious free time is . . . well, not so copious anymore, but I’ll try to join the party as often as I can. I’ll start with my most (in)famous piece of snark . . .

Anyway, thank you for providing me with another Sally Field moment in the coalescing of my professional life and skepticism. I look forward to the mayhem . . .

Kernan Coleman

Kernan is Creative Director at Ranch7 Creative in northern California. A former resident of Wooville (located on the Axis of Me-ville), he is not just an old dog that has learned a spiffy new trick or two, he’s also an avid skeptic and general all around booster of critical-thinking and science who just loves to write about himself in the third person. He firmly rejects the notion that just because you are, let’s say, an utterly innumerate creative type, that you have nothing to contribute to promotion science and reason. Employing his Sooper Seekrit™ powers of art and snark have made him, well, not exactly terrifying to the powers of ignorance, but a certainly a vexing irritant at the very least. Buried in a variety of projects at present, look for his posts here when he comes up for air in the next week or so.

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  1. Hey! Another Northern California contributor! (I’d buy a tee shirt with that poster printed on it!)

  2. Hey! Great another Northern California poster! Email me your company name, I can’t afford you yet, but I hope to be able to some day, and I’d rather pay you than someone else, or would you be willing to work for cheesecake? http://www.reuschelles.com

  3. Welcome Kernan! Glad to have you aboard.
    I love that poster as well and fondly remember cracking up the first time I saw it.

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