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Ask Your Doctor If Tiger Is Right For You . . .

Two pieces on TCM from my old blog . . .

Kernan Coleman

Kernan is Creative Director at Ranch7 Creative in northern California. A former resident of Wooville (located on the Axis of Me-ville), he is not just an old dog that has learned a spiffy new trick or two, he’s also an avid skeptic and general all around booster of critical-thinking and science who just loves to write about himself in the third person. He firmly rejects the notion that just because you are, let’s say, an utterly innumerate creative type, that you have nothing to contribute to promotion science and reason. Employing his Sooper Seekrit™ powers of art and snark have made him, well, not exactly terrifying to the powers of ignorance, but a certainly a vexing irritant at the very least. Buried in a variety of projects at present, look for his posts here when he comes up for air in the next week or so.

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  1. This has always been my biggest gripe with TCM. Not the magic, not the superstition, but the world poaching trade that people are supporting when they go get acupuncture and buy Chinese remedies.

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