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Mad Quickies:Nerdcore Trebek Diss, Iggy Pop Model, Pokemon Go Halloween Event, Wildlife Goofballs and More!

Don’t look now but it’s Quickies on Tuesday. No- just kidding, look, yes please, look LOOK. I have a metric ton of links—most of them thanks to the kids at the Lab. Grab a cup/mug/glass/beaker of something tasty and let’s go!

You can enjoy the work of the Finalists of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards because these animals are just doing their thing, most of them in their natural environs. that means the images are hilarious and guilt-free. Via Ryan

“Who is Alex Trebek?” is a fantastic diss track by nerdcore rappers in reply to the contestant Susan Cole incident. Dee-lishus. Vid included and below. Via Mad Art Nerd Jim.

Excellent commentary by Sublime Zoo’s Lex Luther. Black Childhood Deferred: The Sexualization and Decolorization of Riri Williams. Via Courtney

Pokémon Go newsflash: Their first-ever in-game event ups the candy count for Halloween. Via Amy

Joe Everson paints and sings the national anthem… and he is damn good! Vid included. Via Beth

Courtney sez that BLACK PANTHER #7 (Hip Hop Variant) is now available and that it’s dope.

Here you go- have a steaming cup of What The Fuck. From that nutball Scott Adams, his assertion that he will volunteer to kill Trump if he does anything “Hitler-ish” … which frankly seems like a foregone conclusion. The Crook Versus the Monster. Via Courtney

Speaking of Adams, this is from leon on twitter: Dilbert is mine now. Via Courtney

SCIENTIA is a new public work by sculptor Ursula von Rydingsvard. Via @artologica

Why Iggy Pop posed naked for a life drawing class. “When Jeremy Deller first asked Iggy Pop to pose nude for a life-drawing session, the rock star said he was too young. Now, at 69, rock’s most famous torso has bared all.” Via Brian

Music Review: Tanya Tagaq, ‘Retribution’. Via Emily

Netflix Is Taking Over Hollywood, and Hollywood Isn’t Thrilled. Pretty interesting piece. Via Courtney

Bonus Beautiful Thing That Will Make Your Day: Meatball is a super-lovable Fresno Bully Rescue and he can’t stop smiling.


Nerdcore Trebek Diss Track

Found at the Squid..

from the page

Who is Alex Trebek (featuring MC Frontalot, Schaffer the Darklord, Beefy, MC Hawking, Richie Branson, Mikal kHill, Sammus, YTCracker, Dual Core, Jesse Dangerously, MC Lars, Mega Ran, & Dr. Awkward)


Featured image is by Gil Gofer.



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