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Mad Quickies: Weiwei Writes, Selfie Emoji, Thigh-High Politics, UnReal Estate, History of the World and More!

Happy weekend, my lovelies- The globe still spins and despite the efforts of dark forces, life is indeed still beautiful. Let’s check in on a little bit of wonder. Shall we? …

In the NYT: Renowned artist and activist Ai Weiwei on How Censorship Works.

British scientist, inventor and noted polymath. William Henry Fox Talbot was a pioneer of photography. Before he invented the camera, he laid seaweed onto photosynthesized paper to create “photogenic drawings”. Via @artcollisions

It was only a matter of time. Exclusive at Fastco: Google’s new AI tool turns your selfies into emoji.

The British Library digitized the Klencke Atlas one of the world’s largest books.Here’s how they did it.

Austin artist Tim Doyle brings pop culture locations to life in his gorgeously rendered series UnReal Estate. Prints are available at Spoke Art.

One of our favorites in our Unlikely Heroes Hall of Fame is Teen Vogue, specifically, journalist Lauren Duca. Duca has an op-ed column called Thigh-High Politics. From February, her initial column: Why We ALL Need to Be Activists Right Now. and on Friday the 12th, On Misogynist Trolling and Selective Sexism.

This manuscript by Galileo is a draft of a letter to the Doge of Venice in 1609 about his “occhiale”, the newly invented telescope, and its efficacy as an instrument of war. Via @artcollisions

I was in the mood for some brutal comics. Creator Mike Organisciak didn’t disappoint.


Bill Wurtz is a guy who seems to make stuff especially videos and is, to put it mildly, quirky. He made a video and it’s 20 minutes long but it will be the trippiest thing you see today or this week for that matter.


Featured image is Rick and Morty’s house by Tim Doyle.



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