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Mad Quickies: Weed Nuns, Ice Crystal Consultant, Mary Sue Justice and More!

Hey you guys, it’s snowing in my city. In the Northeast. On the budding trees. In April. I’m huddled in my bunker of a studio, tapping out these Quickies, wearing my little hobo gloves, trying to distract myself from all this seasonal confusion. Please take a few minutes and enjoy the awesomeness I’ve cobbled together for you. Have at it!

Your Moment of Meta: The Mary Sue sez Dear Fanboys Angry at Rogue One‘s “Mary Sue” …. Via Courtney

Designer Jonathan Barnbrook collaborated with Bowie for years. In an interview, Barnbrook discusses how Bowie was facing his own mortality with the Blackstar album.

I don’t want to freak you out with this topic but there is a really great dataviz item here and well, check out Spies in the Skies.

A ‘New Rembrandt’ will be unveiled in Amsterdam. The portrait isn’t a lost work, but rather “a 3D-printed painting made by software that distilled the features of a Rembrandt.” Via Mary B.

Artist Loren Stump exceles at murrine, where his intricate glass portraits are revealed when sliced like a loaf of bread. Via Mary B.

The spiritual Sisters of the Valley grow medical marijuana in California. Photographers Shaughn Crawford and John DuBois made this a passion project and documented their work. Via Amy


CalTech physicist Dr. Kenneth Libbrecht was a “snowflake consultant for “Frozen.” He explains…
Growing Snowflakes for Science

Found at Laughing Squid.


Featured image is from a photo series by Shaughn Crawford and John DuBois.



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