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Mad Quickies: Virus Trading Cards, Map Monsters, Meow Wolf, Far Future Timeline, Trudeau Physics and More!

My fellow nerds, you know that the internet—in its best moments—can be a completely wondrous place. So wondrous in fact that I cut short the sun in my Sunday to bring you these gems of delight on Monday. It’s a veritable cavalcade of Quickies! Please to enjoy…

Animated Virus Trading Cards from the magnificent Eleanor Lutz at Tabletop Whale. Via Beth

Etsy find: Science textile art by Timothea, aka “ACannyLass. Loving her lichen structural diagram work. Via Chloë

Check out illustrator SICOSA’s gorgeous race-bent fan art and mystical character sketches. Via Robin

Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace to Perform in North Carolina “As a Form of Protest”. “I’m going to create an event around the show … to say that despite whatever stupid laws they enact, trans people are not going to be scared,” she said. Via Courtney

Naughty Bits Alert: Whitney Bell turned her collection of unsolicited dick pics into an art show called, of course, “I Didn’t Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics”. Great story. NSFW, obvs. via Amy

Infographic find: Timeline of the Far Future. I’m talking one hundred quintillion years. I need to hug some puppies.

Self-described dangerous woman, Ariana Grande doesn’t have time for your sexist crap. Via Courtney

A Santa Fe bowling alley has been turned into an immersive art environment: The House of Eternal Return. The 20,000-square-foot installation space was purchased by George R.R. Martin, designed by the art collective Meow Wolf and is a “unique combination of art exhibition, fantasy world, jungle gym, and children’s museum.”

If you are a fan of Holzer’s, you will want to read this. If you’re on the fence, this might be an interesting piece for you. And by “you” I might mean “me”. Light as Touch: Jenny Holzer’s Nighttime Poetry Projections.

A closer look at Android N’s new emoji as human faces are introduced. Via Courtney

Sez Cory Doctorow: Treescapers are bullshit. Via Critical Dragon

George Hrab reads William Gibson’s “Hinterlands” on Pseudopod 486.

Beautiful Minds: International Artists Fuse Science and Art in India reports on an exhibition at Khoj Studios focusing on environment, climate change and human evolution.

Instagram find: #mapmonstermonday. Found via PRI’s story: Why there are sea monsters lurking in early world maps”

Courtney shared this with the Lab. I can’t make it through this without breaking glassware, but if you want to take a crack at it: An Open Letter to Rey from Star Wars by Nathan Alberson. Herewith the collective reaction from the Lab:



Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Explains Quantum Computing

from the page

During Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in April 2016, a journalist jokingly asked the Prime Minister to explain quantum computing. He called their bluff with a spot-on explanation. More.


Featured image is from the Celestial Series by David Brodeur.



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