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Mad Quickies: Venn Piagram, Levitation Pavilion, Project Stardust, Saint Hoax Art, Hipster Snacks and More!

Happy Pi Day which a number of you are celebrating by frolicking through a thundersnow event. And the rest of you can enjoy while watching Vi Hart’s new video at the end of this groovy list. Let’s go!

CALL FOR ENTRY: Edited by Françoise Mouly and Nadja Spiegelman, RESIST! is both a website and a print publication of political comics and graphics. There is an open call for submissions and the deadline is targeted for this May. Let’s do this!

The artist Saint Hoax used quotes from 45 and ads that ran 30 years ago to create the series Making America Misogynistic Again and it’s damn unsettling.

Project Stardust is erstwhile musician Jon Larsen’s name for his quest to identify extra-terrestrial dust. In fact, he just put out a book, “In Search of Stardust by Jon Larsen
Amazing Micro-Meteorites and Their Terrestrial Imposters”

You see a headline like this and you have to investigate! The Shaolin Flying Monks Temple Blasts Monks Into the Sky Above a Mountainside Amphitheater.

You can check out the short version on the pulp fiction that L. Ron Hubbard turned into a religion. The there’s the Longreads version that provides you with a deep dive into Hubbard’s landmark weird hucksterism.

Nancy Miorelli aka @SciBugs “likes putting your worst nightmares on her face”… meaning, scary bugs. She also has an Etsy shop for the Tagua Nut and Insect Wing Jewelry she makes. Via @artcollisions

Smithsonian program “Youth Capture the Colorful Cosmos” teaches Clark County students art, science.

From a world where facts and science and art matter: ‘Finding Nemo’ consultant Adam Summers explains intersection between science and art in animation at a symposium.

The IRS isn’t traditionally known for delivering good news but in this tposy-turvy world, they did just that. Noted punched nazi Richard Spencer’s white nationalist group loses its tax-exempt status. It’s the little things, y’know.

It’s ridiculous but dang, if it isn’t so well done. Artist Dan Meth repackaged snack foods for hipsters. Slim James lol.

The interactive art installation “Garden of Light” honors nurses iwth 2,100 illuminated daffodils.


Vi Hart’s Pi Day Venn Piagram

Found at boingboing.


Featured image is an excerpt from a photo for National Geographic by Herbert G. Ponting. A cook makes pies in Antarctica around 1912.



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