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Mad Quickies: Velocipedia, Kissing Politicos, Picturing Particles, Carrie Fisher DGAF and More!

You guyz- I know it’s Tuesday already but I don’t feeeeel tardy. Maybe it’s because I’ve been on the perimeter listening to and looking at art. Oh man I need at least a couple more weeks of this! And I even got to hang with some of my favorite people, one being your faithful reporter Bri. ANYway, here is a metric ton of links. Onward!

Jessie Kanelos Weiner, an illustrator based in Paris, has recreated iconic scenes from Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’.

Artist Anne Mondro uses thin steel and copper to crochet wire anatomy.

Gianluca Gimini has collected sketches from people of bicycles drawn from memory. “Velocipedia” is this collection realized as actual bicycles. More of Gimini’s project here. Via Courtney

This idea was discussed on an episode of Mad Art Cast. Here’s something that might help explain Amy’s point. With SkinTrack, Your Arm is the Touchpad.

The political art has begun in earnest and I, for one, am all for it! Mural of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin Kissing Goes Viral. I love how closely this quotes the 1979 “Socialist Fraternal Kiss” between Leonid Brezhnev and German politician Erich Honecker. Via Courtney

Picturing particles: the evolution of event displays. “video from the ATLAS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider, showing how the images we make of subatomic particles have changed over the years.” [Video below] Via Julie

When you have a few minutes to devote to actually reading and not skimming: Abusing/Exploiting Independent Creators Is Not “Fighting Capitalism”. Via Amy

I count on Courtney to find fascinating music industry news. Here’s something interesting: Appointment Listening Is the New Surprise Drop.

If you adore this woman as much as we do at the Lab, then you’ll dig this: 15 DGAF Things Carrie Fisher Said at Cannes. Via Amy

Frankly, I really want twitter to remain a microblogging site but I’d be very happy if they actually did this: stop counting links and photos in the 140-character limit. Via Courtney

Catch up on Game of Thrones with Laura Stone for what I think is one of my favorite episodes. 6.4 – Book of the Stranger where women have agency and kick serious ass.


Picturing Particles

from the page

Video by Riccardo Maria Bianchi, Emma Ward & Katarina Anthony

Based on the video “VP1: the history, the status and the future of event visualization” available here:…

Event displays courtesy of Brookhaven National Laboratory, CERN, DESY and Fermilab


Featured image is by Jessie Kanelos Weiner.



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