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Mad Quickies: Vegetable Orchestra, Doglogbook, Ferry Memorial, Rollercoaster Rx and More!

You guys- I’m not sure what happened. There was a weekend… and all of a sudden it was Tuesday. Oh well, I got yer Mad Quickies for you. Have at it!

“Design by Utopia“ is the theme of the London Design Biennale which is soon to wrap up this month. Portugal’s entry by artist Marta de Menezes uses microbiology to represent the future direction of her country. This is quite a brilliant idea especially since the bioart pieces change and grow.

The Unbelievable Story of ‘Imagining The Life of Pablo’. “The digital forces that kept TOYOMU and his compatriots from hearing the album proved key to his own interpretation of it.” Damn fascinating story. Via Courtney

Snapchat released its first hardware product: Spectacles. Via Amy

Musician Susanna Gartmeyer talks about the Vegetable Orchestra. This is actually pretty amazing, down to the soup the orchestra serves the audience. Videos included and posted below.

How ‘Ghostbusters’ Holtzmann has become a queer, autistic hero. Via Ryan

Doglogbook: Dog Good Technology. This free app measures and optimizes your dog’s well-being. Via Amy

Pulitzer-winning cartoonist Berkely Breathed explains why he’s decided to keep his strips Trump-free.

This actually might work… Kidney Stones? Science Suggests Heading To Disney World. Via Amy

There’s a project in the works at ABC and it’s a female-led Magnum PI sequel. Via Amy

The Staten Island Ferry Disaster Memorial is a wonderful sculpture in Battery Park. Wait- you HAVE heard of the Staten Island Ferry disaster, haven’t you? That one with the octopus…

Paperback Paradise repurposes book covers from the 70s and 80s with racy, swear-y and downright obscene titles. And they’re fantastic. Via Courtney and Jamie

Retail find: Alien “Big Chap” Bank.


Susanna Gartmeyer and the Vegetable Orchestra


The Vegetable Orchestra at TEDxVienna

from the page
The Vegetable Orchestra performs with instruments made from fresh vegetables, which must be built anew for each concert and each rehearsal. The use of various vegetable instruments which are constantly being refined creates a musically and aesthetically unique universe of sound, which cannot be achieved with traditional instruments.


Featured image is members of the Vegetable Orchestra.



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