Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: TrumpScratch, Zero G Dance, Strange Beasts, Overhead Portraits and More!

Hello, my friends, you look so refreshed! I say, you should continue to kick back and chill with these fine links I’ve gathered for you. Enjoy!

Once in a while there’s a moment of justice. Amazon Pulls Castalia House Book for Ripping Off John Scalzi Cover.

Painter-turned-sculptor Brian Dettmer trashes old books and creates new art by “a subtractive sculptural process.” Via Sarafina

A moment of beauty for you: Photographer Loes Heerink spends hours on bridges to capture overhead portraits of street vendors. Happily, her endeavor to fund her book “Vendors” is successful.

Thanks to protest signs, art supply sales jumped in January. Via Dr. Ray

In which the President of the United States sends out C&D orders to Lucy, a 17-year-old coder who created a site where kittens punch his face. Via Critical Dragon

Lucy sez:

French artists Paul Marlier and Jeanne Morel teamed up with French space agency CNES to materialize a dance performance inside Novespace’s parabolic flight, Air Zero G. Via @biblioteq_tress

Artists and Critics Demand Whitney Biennial Remove Painting in Open Letter. Via Dan D.

This is a real find: senior researcher and cell biologist George von Dassow’s Pictures of the Week of his work in the cell biology of animal development.

Scientist and writer Adam J Calhoun stripped some famous novels of everything but punctuation, exhibiting interesting visual differences, more than a typographic exercise.

Twitter find: Emerging trajectories in art, science, and technology + @creativeapps = HOLO Magazine.

Scientist Alejandro Pabon Sanclemente makes nature-inspired art. His high-contrasat images


Strange Beasts from Magali Barbé

Via Critical Dragon
More here.

from the page

A sci-fi short about augmented reality.
“Strange Beasts” is an augmented reality game. It allows you to create and grow your own virtual pet. How far can it go?

Written, directed and produced by Magali Barbé. Co-produced by: Red Knuckles, Peanut.

Credits at the site.


Featured image is an excerpt of a piece by Brian Dettmer.



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  1. Donna,

    Could you imagine if that “Strange Beasts” game was real?

  2. I was actually thinking about that. Aside from the obvious pathology depicted— what started as a game would soon turn into a horrorshow.

  3. Donna,

    Yeah I can imagine.  Not being able to tell what’s real anymore would be a nightmare

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