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Mad Quickies: Trans-Created Comic, Subversive Melrose Place, Solo Radio, 8-Bit Stranger Things and More!

You guyz- don’t look now but that weekend slipped right past us. Let’s enjoy a postscript of that chill by easing into the week with these serenely curated Quickies. Shall we?

A Female-Driven, Trans-Written Comic Book? Yes, Please!. “Kim & Kim” was written and created by trans writer Magdalene Visaggio with art by the straight-queer team Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aquirre. Via Courtney

Artist Lola Dupre reimagined letters of the alphabet as collaged architectural structures.

Solo Radio scans your face and then plays music to match your mood.

“Stranger Things” in 8-Bit Makes the Demogorgon Look So Cute. CineFix has released its latest “8-bit Cinema” and you can watch it at the link or below. Stranger Things in 8-bit in 4 minutes.

What Pop Culture Can Teach You About Science . “Neil deGrasse Tyson will use any means necessary—including zombies—to help people learn about science.” Get Tyson’s new book “Star Talk” at Amazon.

Just when you think you know your 90s soaps. Turns out Melrose Place was subversive! A team of 100 artists led by the conceptual artist Mel Chin got permission from producers to fill the show’s sets with coded art.

Design Nerdz: I know you’ve seen tons of quirky typographic treatments. And here’s another one. A font inspired entirely of rubber bands by Victor Koroma.

Book-lover Diversion: A small collection of book worm tweets.


Seriously, you guys- this is all spoilers if you haven’t seen the series.

Stranger Things in 4 minutes

from the page
The show is widely known for its 80s vibes but watching it in 8-bit really digs deeper into our nostalgia. Grab some Eggos and watch away!


Featured image is an excerpt from “Kim & Kim” – art by Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aquirre.



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