Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: The Super Shiny New Year Edition

It’s the first day of 2016! Time to start fresh. Time to make some lists. Time to really dig in and get things done! … But hey, not so fast, you guys, *I’ve* got some lists and other cool link you’ll want to check out first. Onward!

The Bad Astronomer shares his list of The Top Space and Astronomy Stories of 2015 including tons of Pluto, some Elon Musk and a rubber ducky.

Colossal gives us the Winners & Honorable Mentions of the 2015 National Geographic Photography Competition.

Start planning an American road trip right now! Scientific American has posted an early edition of Science Art Exhibits in 2016 adn has listed them by geographic section of the US with little descriptions of the installation. I want to go to all of them! [Thanks to Kalliopi Monoyios for the data.]

Twitter find: <a href=" XMM-Newton, ESA’s X-ray satellite, in earth orbit since 1999. Check out this gorgeous visualisation of the polarisation of the Cosmic Microwave Background. Via Charlie Payne

The CIA has a collection of abstract paintings and they are not talking about it. Artist Johanna Barron is working to find out why and recereated the collection with Acres of Walls.

Flavorwire listed the media’s best articles of 2015 that qualify as game-changing journalism.

In 2016, you can beam your messages old school with the Star Trek stamps coming out in 2016. These beauties celebrate Trek’s 50th anniversary and were designed by The Heads of State

Oh my stars and little comets! The USPS is ALSO going to feature Pluto and planets and the Moon, too.

For no particular reason except that I LOVE GIFs: 48 Awesome Exercises in a Single Animated Gif by the design studio CCCCCCC.


Here’s something clever and practical from Chemistry Life Hacks.

How to Sharpen Your Knife Without a Sharpener

from the page

Dull knives are a drag. Not having a knife sharpener is an even bigger drag. This chemistry life hack is going to have you going straight MacGyver up on that lame point of yours. Check out Jeff Potter’s book, Cooking for Geeks for more interesting kitchen hacks:


Featured [excerpted] image and caption by Places winner Francisco Mingorance.

From the pages: National Geographic 2015 Photo Contest. “Asteroid” On the occasion of the preparation of a report on Ríotinto from the air, I decided to include phosphogypsum ponds located in the marshes of red and whose radioactive discharges has destroyed part of the marsh. As an environmental photojournalist had to tell this story and report it but had to do with an image that by itself attract attention of the viewer. I discovered this on a low-flying training that caught my attention for its resemblance to the impact of an asteroid on its green waters. Location: Cardeñas, Andalusia, Spain.


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