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Mad Quickies: The Star-Spangled Edition

Happy Independence Day, you people in America. Apologies to everyone else. I have some red-white-and-blue items—and a whole lot of Captain America—mixed in with the rest of your links today just because who doesn’t love a theme. Let’s pretend that we’re not all going to hell in a hand basket [whatever that is] and explode some dangerous fire materials, eat some questionable snacks and drink an ocean of suds. Just like our forefathers did. No. Really. That said, ka-boom, hurray, ahhhhhh- onward!

Political cartoonists have always been obsessed with America’s founders.

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson briefly owned two grizzly bears? No? Neither did I! I found that in this handy list. America Was Founded by a Bunch of Drunks, and Other Fun Facts.

Comics guru James Whitbrook reports: How Has It Taken Us This Long to Get Peggy Carter as Captain America?.

From NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a masterfully done infographic History of Exploration: Jupiter. Oh yeahhhhhhh…

John Kendall, mechanic at the Dallas bike shop Local Hub, created a bike that makes ice cream while you ride. For realz! Via Courtney

The next time you dismiss a venture as unattainable and out-of-the-question, think on this. An amazing 10-year-old girl applied to the Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship. This is the letter she received. And this is Eva’s blog. Via Beth

Space Nerdz: AS I type this, Juno faces perilous insertion into Jupiter orbit. “A critical burn to allow the spacecraft’s capture begins at 11:18pm ET” tonight. SO EXCITING! Via Fraser Cain

Let freedom ring with awesome Captain America cosplay. You can see more Captain America cosplay on Pinterest.

Cosplayer’s Captain America shield is loaded with magnets and actually works.

Here’s a DIY tutorial on making your own Captain America ensemble.

Cap’s metabolism prevents him from getting drunk. That is only one of the 11 super powers he has that you might not know about.

For people at the intersection of space and stationery obsessions: You can now send a friend an envelope full of the night sky.


In a Last Week Tonight web exclusive—

John Oliver wishes a Happy Independence Day

Found at Previously TV.

from the page


Kokichi Sugihara is a finalist for the 2016 Best Illusion of the Year Contest.

Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion

Found here.


Featured image is Peggy Carter as Captain America © 2016 MARVEL.



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