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Mad Quickies: The Christmas-Festivus-Newtonmas Edition


Happy Newtonmas, you guys! If you’re taking a break from all the festivities and want a few fun things to surf, I’ve got you covered. Onward!

Can you spot the panda in this sea of snowmen?

Hilarious short holiday films from filmmaker Eoin Duffy.

Mike Adamick’s essay on how Rey is not a role model for little girls. [SPOILERS!] Via Anne S.

Two women edited the new Star Wars and they did a lot to shape the film. Awakening the Force in the Editing Room – Mary Jo Markey and Maryann Brandon spoke about their collaboration with J.J. Abrams. Via Surly Amy

Mad Art Robin says you might want to check out #feministxmassongs on twitter and instagram.

Artist Joe Black uses thousands of small objects to make his mosaics. His “Ways of Seeing” employs hand-painted test tubes.

‘Blasphemous’ Mulberry Christmas ad escapes ban mainly because it’s about consumption and not religion. I have to say it’s pretty well done. Just when it teeters into too much, it smoothly swings back.

Hey you might still be sending holiday mail so here you go: How to make mathematical christmas cards.

Artist Yrjö Edelmann creates Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings of Haphazardly Wrapped Packages and Gifts.

And for some ridiculousness, I found you 24 blasphemous nativity scenes.


This is a favorite mine, Cheers!

George Hrab sings

I Don’t Believe in Christmas


Featured image is a Contemporary Nativity Set by Sebastian Bergne.


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