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Mad Quickies: Tattoo Transformations, Antsy Art, The Real Tony Stark, The Martian and More!

Welcome to the working week, you people of Earth. Let’s start it off with some positive thoughts aka the Quickies. Onward!

Artist Flavia Carvalho is changing the lives of domestic violence survivors one tattoo at a time. {via Daniela}

An excellent essay by Chad Orzel on how Science Can Be As Beautiful As Art and the “exotic physics of everyday objects.” {via Surly Amy}

Our Chief here at the Lab, Amy Davis Roth, is doing the United Way walk to end homelessness in Los Angeles. The goal this year is find homes for all of the homeless veterans. You can donate to the Surly cause here.

Segawa thirty-seven creates animations of Japanese woodblock prints. Lovely and whimsical GIFs. {via Jon D.}

More on the fascinating artist Dennis Cooper, someone I consider to be a pioneer in this creative exploration. Asking the question, Are GIFs The Future Of Novels?

Hey, Glendon Mellow wrote this great thing and I am really remiss in not sharing it with you. It’s a week old but it’s ultimately about September. It’s Like a Labor Day Fable.

In this installment of Art of Science: The Antsy Art of Loren Kronemyer. More abou the MYRIAD project here.

Although I want to know as little as possible when I go to see this movie, you can read this review at arstechnica. “The Martian” brings science, largely unchanged, from book to screen.

Speaking of Mars, watch Elon Musk on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert talk about how we could make Mars habitable with thermonuclear bombs.


This is a beautiful memorial that allows for real reflection. It’s taken 14 years to complete.

The Flight 93 National Memorial

Originally found here.

The memorial was designed by Paul Murdoch Architects of Los Angeles, CA with Nelson Byrd Woltz of Charlottesville, VA who won the international competition in 2005. Read more about the memorial and the site’s significance at this clear and concise FAQ from the National Park Service.


Featured image is by David Irvine of The Gnarled Branch who paints onto old thrift store paintings.



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