Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Tape Figures, Moon Music, Free Nefertiti, Coloring Dr Who and More!

Hey hey, home fries! It’s time for a new set of Quickies. Comin’at ya’ in 10… 9… 8…

“Mysterious Lovecraftian figures” made from VHS tapes are haunting, dreamlike, gorgeous. Created by Phillip Ob Rey with Louie Otesanek and photographer Mailie Viney. Via @sfslim/Aaron Muszalski

Artists Covertly Scan Bust of Nefertiti and release the data online… for free. Via Brian

This will surely mess with your head. A 300-foot tunnel excavated through walls is an installation by Daniel Arsham.

A flamboyant discussion of cinema’s code words for homosexuality is a brief post but has links to some lists that are real doozies.

Dear Whovians: I’ve got some lovely news for you. And it’s something you can color!

From NASA’s Unexplained Files: They release weird “moon music” heard by astronauts in 1969. Calling Mulder and Scully!

A little whimsy: 10 Famous Logos Affected By Their Products by industrial product designer Marco Schembri.


Automated Voice Recognition Typewriter

from the page
An automated typewriter that takes dictation.

A few details: Some code running on my laptop (off screen) uses Windows’ voice recognition to turn speech to text. Commands for the typing mechanism are then sent to the Pololu servo controller. The Arduino Uno and Big Easy Driver control the carriage return arm and are signaled when the new line routine is called.

Featured image is by Phillip Ob Rey.



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