Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Stroboscopic Eggs, Recolorized Van Gogh, Film Truthiness, New Museum Experiences and More!

How can Good Friday be bad when 1- lots of you have off from work, 2- there is an inordinate amount of chocolate for sale everywhere, 3- some of you have Monday off too, 4- you’re probably enjoying that chocolate right now with a tasty adult beverage, 5- you’ve got a list of Quickies to amuse you. Onward!

Your seasonal shout-out to the decorated egg: Jiri Zemanek and his team at
AA4CC created stroboscopic patterns that are animated. Trippy. Pretty. cool.

Thanks to conservation scientist Francesca Casadio and her colleagues: Science gives clues to ‘The Bedroom’ as van Gogh painted it. Via Amy

25 gifs that explain how things work. Found via boingboing.

“Based on a True True Story?” — This dataviz gives a scene-by-scene breakdown of a handful of recent Hollywood films in bar form. Yay Spotlight!

Scientific art lights up Main Street. “Art and science converge in the public galleries at MIT’s Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research.” I love the punster piece names.

Artist Emily Arthur‘s exhibit “Endangered” is currently showing at the Weingart Gallery in L.A.

Museums Lure A New Generation Of Patrons Through Their Stomachs. “Ancient beer? Indigenous foods? A mouthful of smog? It sure beats a lousy diorama.” I was ready for a story about pandering to customers but this seems pretty spot on about younger patrons and an exciting, creative and real approach.

Tommy Edison is blind. He draws what he thinks things look like.

Bonus Bonehead Edition: Honestly I couldn’t read this whole thing because … well, YOU give it a whirl. 25 Trump Supporters Say What Would Happen If Trump Doesn’t Win. Their answers are all written on notepaper.


Can Blind People Draw?

from the page
Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, responds to the popular request to draw various objects based on how he thinks they look including a cat, a car, and himself.


Featured image is mine from The Matrix is made of bunnies.



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