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Mad Quickies: Street Art Via Tricycles, Beautiful Biology Art, Death Archaeo Show and More!

Well, this is news to me. Coinciding with Day of the Dead observance is Plan Your Epitaph Day. It was created by Lance Hardie—more on that guy later—and it’s supposed to prevent well-meaning friends and relatives from having the last word. And guess what- you’re not done learning new things. Lookee here…

A pair of artists, Ygor Marotta and Ceci Soloaga, created animated street art by riding tricycles with projectors. This is certain to be one of the coolest things you will see for weeks. – via Anne S.

Please enjoy these biological illustrations from the project “Levels of Complexity” by UK-based artist Vivien Martineau. They are lovely and seem reminiscent of an early phase of illustration.

As promised, here’s the word on Plan Your Epitaph Day and it’s by this guy Lance Hardie. [Please to enjoy these pages that are so 1980 that it looks like a meta site.]

And speaking of death, there’s an archaeological exhibit in the UK, Death: The Human Experience. This is the exhibit’s facebook page. The exhibit runs until March 2016 at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

Here is an exclusive excerpt from from what is being described as one of fall’s most exciting space novels, Planetfall by Emma Newman. I loved the cover so much that I did some investigating to find this information. I’m fairly certain that both the interior and the cover were designed by Kelly Lipovich, one of the inhouse designers at Penguin Random House.

I know I mentioned Ikea last time [and their Soft Toys for Education initiative], but this was too good to resist. How Ikea Designs Its (In)famous Instruction Manuals.


Artist Alexis Noriega of the Crooked Feather created this.

Pneumatic Articulating Feather Wings

Found at Colossal.


Featured image is from the Levels of Complexity project by Vivien Martineau.



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