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Mad Quickies: Sound Sculptress, Massive Animal Projections, Spicy Longevity, Code Doodles and More!

Surf’s up, you guys! Let’s dive right in…

With a degree in mathematics and music, Delia Derbyshire was a pioneer in electronic music in the 1960s and 70s. Now there are two documentaries about the “Sculptress of Sound.”

On August 1, 2015, Louie Psihoyos, director of “Racing Extinction” and Travis Threlkel of Obscura Digital took over the Empire State Building’s facade and projected colossal images of endangered species for over three hours. Psihoyos was responsible for the Oscar-winning filem “The Cove.” This winter, “Racing Extinction” will premiere on The Discovery Channel.

Code Nerdz: Hey, I found your new rabbit hole. Code Doodles. It’s a showcase of curated creative coding sketches. See ya’ next week.

At 1,500 images, Earth View is a selection of the satellite images found on Google Earth. The abstractions are stunning and are so different from one another.

This awesome new study sez you’ll live longer if you eat spicy food. {via Surly Amy}

This is a cool gallery of pop culture banners, Game-of-Thrones style. The artist is Lokiable. {via Elizabeth H.}

Sportswear logos look even better with plants embroidered on them. Seriously, they really do.

Soundcloud offering today: The spare balladry of Amy Bezunartea and “Oh The Things A Girl Must Do” . {via Courtney}

Bonus: Stoner takes selfie with cop after arrest.


“The Science of Us” – Episode 5

Why Zoning Out Is Good for You

Found at Laughing Squid.

from the page

There’s a lot of talk these days about mindfulness. But if you have trouble focusing, don’t worry: it turns out that mindlessness also has a lot of benefits. Allow us to explain.

Tune in Thursdays to see new Science of Us animations!


Featured image is an excerpt from the Racing Extinction project, courtesy of the Oceanic Preservation Society.



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