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Mad Quickies: Smartflower, SCOTUS Haiku, Freberg for the Fourth, Cocktail Graphic, a Tenacious Mama Raccoon and More!

You guys, we made it! It’s the end of the work week and here in the States, it’s the beginning of the Independence Day holiday for many. [See cocktail line item.] Really, you’ll love this collection of links but if you don’t have any time, just scroll down to the mama-and-kit raccoon video and I’ll just say ‘you’re quite welcome’ right now. Enjoy enjoy! Surf’s up!

Here’s my timely Fourth of July holiday offering. It’s George Hrab’s homage to the great Stan Freberg: Hrab’s version of Freberg’s signing of the Declaration of Independence sketch from “Stan Freberg Presents: The United States of America Vol. I The Early Years.”

This is a genius idea. Unshackling solar power from a fixed array, Smartflower Home Solar System Gives Plug-and-Play Power. {via Surly Johnny}

I love love LOVE this and I hope you do, too. These images are the best photos taken on iPhones this year according to IPPAWARDS and they are indeed gorgeous. {via Elizabeth H.}

The SCOTUS Marriage Decision, in Haiku by Daniela Lapidous at McSweeney’s. {via Jon D.}

And now… The History of Same-Sex Marriage in the US in a Single Gif.

The subhead says, “Forty days and forty nights of loyalty and love.” Why Dogs Have Wet Noses: An Irreverent Illustrated Reimagining of Noah’s Ark. All I can tell you is that at first glance, I fell in love with the illustrations and promptly put this book by Øyvind Torseter and Kenneth Steven in my cart.

Information is Beautiful devised a fabulously helpful infographic of 77 Cocktail recipes split into categories. This is a very helpful thing to have, just in time for the weekend. Cheers!

A Modern Guide to Naming Diseases by Alastair Gee. From the page: A new set of recommendations advises medical researchers to steer clear of words that might sow panic—“fatal,” “epidemic,” “unknown.”

At io9: 11 Great Songs That Prove The Misfits Were Better At Girl Power Than Jem.

Photographer Phoo Chan gifts us with this sequence of images showing, no kidding, a crow catching a lift on the back of a bald eagle.


Know what you need? You need this.

A mama raccoon teaches her kit how to climb a tree

She is AWESOME. And my favorite moment? The end when she totally looks like, ‘Phew. THAT finally happened.’


Featured image is from a series of images that comprise the composite The Free Ride by Phoo Chan.



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  1. The cocktail infographic is pretty good, but I wish they’d said something about ice (maybe it’s obvious that the rocks glasses and collins glasses are drinks with ice, but even then, big cube, regular cubes, or crushed makes a difference! Also, don’t shake your Manhattans and wtf strawverry syrup in a Sazerac? Otherwise, pretty good! /opinions

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