Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Sisyphus Machine, Superhero Cuttlefish, Deep Forger and More!

You guys! It’s the weekend and I’m sure your list of to-dos is super long. That’s the best reason to take five and have some fun. Got you some cool links. Let’s go!

Deep Forger ia a very fun artbot that “paints” in the style of the masters. Via Julie M.

Cuttlefish have a superhero talent. A cloaking device of sorts when predators are near. Via our resident Cuttlefish Expert, Ethan

Adorable new fairy tale gives Cinderella a transgender twist. VIdeo included. Via Critical Dragon

And now, I give you A Perpetual Sisyphus Kinetic Sculpture Built with Lego, the work of Jason Allemann, the guy with the Automata Blog.

In an installation at LACMA, Random International‘s Rain Room allows you the immersive experience without getting drenched.

Remember that July flyby? Well, NASA just released the first batch of the sharpest images of Pluto and they are gorgeous.


Featured image is from a stunning series of images of the Rain Room by Navid Baraty.



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