Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Simone’s Truckla, MTA’s Vulva kerfuffle, best Pakistani Presser ever and More!

Well, hot damn hallelujah, it’s Friday. Not only that, the Good Bad Astronomer tells us more about today:

So if yer chillin’ with a tasty adult beverage or something even cooler like the Jalapeño Lemonade I had last night [which, yummmmz!], then you should pair it with these tasty links I’m serving up for you. Bon appétit!

First up—definitely the amuse-bouche of this bunch: something completely ridiculous and I am here for it! Pakistani politicians live streamed an official meeting on Facebook but forgot to turn off the cat filter. And then the internet lost its shit as you imagine it would. Tweets galore!

A brief dose of reality, xkcd-style.

Goodnight, Gloria Vanderbilt. You were a superior class act. I like to think you would have been pleased with Anderson’s tribute. “What an extraordinary life. What an extraordinary mom. And what an incredible woman. [short included]

Clearly, The New York Subway Is Afraid of the Humble Vulva. “A startup focused on sexual wellness is suing the New York public transit system after its sex toy ad campaign was rejected. The company, Dame Products, includes a pretty exhaustive list of other sexually-oriented advertisements that the MTA has run, including erectile dysfunction medication, condoms, women’s libido medication, dating apps, and the Museum of Sex.” Ss I have to ask…WHAT ABOUT THE VULVA?!

Sebastian O’Brien is an excellent young Aussie who designed an award-winning concept for custom Adidas prosthetics. ““A lot of the physical inspiration for the design and my original concepts came from my general love of ‘futuristic’ technology and stylisation. Another part of my inspiration for the design actually also came from within Adidas themselves — I’m a massive sneakerhead and really enjoy seeing sneaker fashion and its effect on pop culture. It’s becoming its own art form.”

I’ve saved my favorite of the bunch for last—

The astrophysicist and superb science communicator Katie Mack had this to say: “We should be glad Simone Giertz is such an awesome person because if she ever decided to become a supervillain none of us would stand even the smallest chance.” You can read about how Giertz transformed the Tesla she had purchased into a custom truck that she has dubbed the “Truckla.” You’ll want to watch the entire 30 minutes but if you don’t have the time, you can simply enjoy the short.





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