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Mad Quickies: Shoreside Geek Chic, Dire Dioramas, Gummy Innovation, Hologrammed Vinyl, Game of Molds and More!

You guys- don’t look now but… It. Is. Friday! Woo hoo, baby! Start your day of pre-weekend debauchery relaxation with these Quickies I concocted for you. Well, actually there was a LOT of helpful chiming from the artkids at the Lab. Please to begin!

Summer Fashion Alert! This Star Trek:TNG One-Piece Swimsuit is super flattering and very geek chic. [Via Rebecca] And so is this Deanna Troi Swim Shirt. [Via Dr.Ray] If your jam is Star Wars threads, check out Torrid’s line. Jackets, leggings, tees, baubles and htat sweet sweet Darth Vader cape dress. [Also via Dr. Ray]

Speaking of Star Wars, The Force Awakens soundtrack has 3D holograms carved into the records. Via Amy

Artist Lori Nix and partner Kathleen Gerber producing exquisitely crafted dioramas that depict post-apocalyptic environments. In finishing their project “The City” which was started in 2005, they decided to depict their own studio. Their 7-minute film of their creative process is below. I htink you’ll enjoy this.

Someone created the famous Game of Thrones opening titles using slime mould. Via Chris

Forty years ago, NASA Put a Big Disco Ball in Space … and it’s still there! Via Amy

I think that 3D printing has finally become relevant for so many of us with this one innovation: You can now print your own gummy candy. Gluten-free? Sure but hot damn- you can add glitter! Via Beth

“For all the horror and suspense that Stephen King has written, it’s Donald Trump that has the the Maine author frightened.” Which is why Stephen King has joined 450 writers in an open letter condemning Donald Trump. Via Amy

The Feminists Of Wakanda. Via Courtney

Sez Jim, “This woman tracked her crying for an entire year. Where, when, intensity, everything, and mapped it in different visualizations.”


Game of Molds


Nix + Gerber’s The Drawing Room

from the page
An observation of art, partnership, and the creative process — seen through the lens of post-apocalyptic dioramas.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2 LP Hologram Vinyl

from the page
Walt Disney Records is set to release a new hologram vinyl version of the original motion picture soundtrack for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With score conducted and composed by five-time Academy Award®-winning composer John Williams and liner notes by the film’s director, J.J. Abrams, the double LP features a 16-page booklet on 180 gram vinyl. This one-of-a-kind vinyl set, hand etched by Tristan Duke (Jack White’s Lazaretto) of Infinity Light Science, offers a 3D hologram experience featuring the Millennium Falcon on Disc 1/Side B and a TIE Fighter on Disc 2/Side B. For optimal viewing, use a direct light source or simply hold a mobile phone flashlight above the vinyl to view the holograms.


Featured image is by Nix + Gerber.



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