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Mad Quickies: Sharpie Truth Rules the Internet and Other Stories

Hey wassup, homefries. Nutty week, amirite? So I thought I’d try my hand at editing reality. You see here Mr. Marco who can be a real Snidely Whiplash at heart when it comes to his demands that I pay up with tasty treats. He really has some twirly mustachioes which is odd for a cat but there they are. You can see them right? RIGHT?! You’re not going to challenge me on this ARE YOU.

Where was I?

Oh yes- let’s get to the Quickies!


Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced the poster series for Green New Deal and they follow the original New Deal look in a very faithful adaptation by the New York firm Tandem and artist Gavin Snyder.

AOC’s Green New Deal Posters Have a Very Old New Deal Look
“The chunky all-caps type, the emphasis on places of natural beauty, and even the color palettes are intended to evoke posters produced nearly a century ago by a singular federal program in American history: the Federal Art Project, an office of the New Deal-era Works Progress Administration.”


Ok, unless you’ve been in a media blackout because you’re involved in black ops or you’ve been under the weather or hiking the Appalachian trail with no communication with the outside world, then you know about that whole Sharpie/Alabama/Dorian thing that Cheetoh-zilla just can’t quit.

Trump Shows A Fake Hurricane Map Altered With A Sharpie, Inspires 43 Hilarious Memes

To refresh your memory: “When the President showed off a predictive National Hurricane Center map, it looked like it was drawn on with a Sharpie in one place. Trump insisted that hurricane Dorian had a “95% chance” of hitting Alabama, even though the National Weather Service denied it. And, boy, did the internet love where this was going. The memes started coming in fast and furious, and Trump was the butt of the joke.”

Please enjoy the Sharpie goodness.

THIS. Just in. Looks like the Orange Hulk’s campaign people are promoting their idiot president with this merch. Grifters gonna grift.


I don’t know about you, but I have to have order in my studio, a combination—like most artist studios—of wet and dry areas and by dry area I mean where I work on the expensive Mac things. But I will admit it does get kind of chaotic up in here and I love it just the same. That said, I’m as obsessed with looking at other creative spaces as you probably are, which is why I had started a pinterest board of the environments of celebrated artists.
So this was total catnip:

Stefanie Bürkle’s images show the sameness between making art and scientific discovery.

“Founded in 1879, the prestigious Technical University of Berlin boasts an all-star faculty of 355 professors in fields ranging from electrical engineering to computer science to business management. And then there’s Stefanie Bürkle—the university’s single professor of fine arts, with the responsibility of teaching aesthetics to several hundred of the school’s architecture students every year.”

“Often the scientific labs look really chaotic and spontaneous,” she says, “and they reminded me of how artists work in their studio.” —Stefanie Bürkle

“That insight led to her photographic series Studio + Laboratory, which will be exhibited from February 1 to March 3 at Berlin’s Museum of Photography and is the subject of a new book from publisher Hatje Cantz. The series juxtaposes Bürkle’s photographs of scientific labs—mostly taken at the Technical University but also at other Berlin sites such as the Max Planck Institutes—with her images of art studios. Her goal was to show the often-messy processes behind the production of both artworks and scientific knowledge.”


Beautiful and captivating—

Meditative Mixed-Media Paintings by Arghavan Khosravi Subtly Address Human Rights Issues

“Artist Arghavan Khosravi creates multi-part worlds in her carefully composed paintings. Contemporary human figures commingle with ghostly limbs and classical Greco-Roman sculptures. Bright red lines of string, Persian decorative motifs, and found textiles connect the disparate figures. The artist begins each painting with an intensive brainstorming and research phase, which results in a detailed sketch that outlines about 85% of the completed work.”

One of Khosravi’s main sources of inspiration is societal issues in Iran:

“Human rights and, more specifically, women’s rights issues, patriarchy, and some levels of gender apartheid. I am more interested in addressing these concerns in a symbolic and subtler way and have an indirect approach.” —Arghavan Khosravi


If you’re in the mood for a heartwarming science story complete with a photo an astronaut/scientist surroundrf by 11 goslings that have imprinted on her, then this is for you!

This astronaut raised geese to study their hearts. The birds stole hers.

“Before Jessica Meir became a NASA astronaut who will blast into space from Russia this month, she made a career of studying animals that live at extremes. She followed elephant seals and emperor penguins as they swam through frigid waters. She raised a dozen bar-headed geese, capable of flying three miles high, from the moment they hatched out of their eggs. They treated her as their mother.”

There’s also a few seconds of video here.

A tip o’ the fez to Ashley for this.






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