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Mad Quickies: Seneca Village History, Magnetic Space Putty, NatGeo Photo Winners, Creative Etsy Gifts and More!

Well hi there! Great to see you! You’re looking pretty marvy. If you’re interested in an odd collection of diversionary links, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s go!

Beauty at Synaptic Stimuli: Desire to taste the deep. Images by multidisciplinary artist Davy Evans.

Central Park Was Once Seneca Village, Home to a Thriving Free Black Community. “A graphic history of the community displaced for the vast public park in 1857.”

You guyz- This isn’t simply an announcement of winner—which would be cool in itself.This is a treasure trove of spectacular contenders WITH downloadable wallpaper for desktop/phone/tablet. 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year.

After becoming a devout Muslim, Saddam Hussein had 27 liters of his blood drawn…for a calligrapher.

A DIY Penguin Paper Lamp is only one of the 25 Creative Gifts You Can Only Find on Etsy.

For ten bucks, you can give a stocking stuffer stress-reliever: Scientific Magnetic Space Putty.

Infographic for all of us but especially Food Nerdz: Taste Buds – complementary flavours. [And I heartily vote to use “aubergine” for “eggplant”.]

Artist Lisa Ericson paints stunningly Hyperrealistic Depictions of Fish Merged With Their Coral Environments.

Kind of random but droll [which appears to be my specialty lately]… A Map of the United States That Plots Each State’s Top Searched Word for Correct Spelling.

Bonus weirdness! Please to enjoy these pretty strange Christmas trees.


Featured image is by Alex Wiles. On capturing this little guy, Wiles says, “While photographing flowers at eye level, this grasshopper surprised me by crawling overhead and pausing to watch. To get the effect of a wide-angle macro image, I used an inexpensive lens with an extension tube attached. This allowed me to focus at a very close range to capture minor details, yet still allowed for a wide composition. I was so close that the front element of the lens nearly touched the subject.”



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