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Mad Quickies: Real Seal Reveal, Pretty Poison, Glowing Impressions and More!

Greetings, fellow proles! By now you must have seen the faux presidential seal, doctored to include anti-Trump graphic elements. It’s a hoot! And I know that’s a low bar, but look, I’m taking my laughs where I can in this political hellscape… especially when the origin involves subversive action. I wondered who the hero was who made the art, and I’m sure you have too. Well, wonder no more!

Meet the man who created the fake presidential seal — a former Republican fed up with Trump

Charles Leazott is a 46-year-old graphic designer who “threw it together after the 2016 presidential election — it was one part joke, one part catharsis. He used to be a proud Republican. He voted for George W. Bush. Twice. But Donald J. Trump’s GOP was no longer his party. So he created a mock presidential seal to prove his point.”

And guess what! YOU CAN BUY IT AS A TEE! And I’m sure they’ll sell out soon!

Brb. Gotta do some shoppin’ on behalf of democracy.


I’m going to straight-up apologize for being a downer here, but this collection of infographic national park maps is nothing short of brilliantly done and spectacularly distressing.

Choose from a group of agile infographic maps and see how climate change could bring disaster to some popular coastal national parks.

“Researchers contracted by the National Park Service have projected that if greenhouse gases keep growing, some iconic national parks could be partially or totally underwater. These maps show estimates of flooding risk at selected parks if a major hurricane were to hit in 2050.Researchers contracted by the National Park Service have projected that if greenhouse gases keep growing, some iconic national parks could be partially or totally underwater. These maps show estimates of flooding risk at selected parks if a major hurricane were to hit in 2050.”

Considering how beleaguered the National Park Service has been by the White House administration and their crimes against the globe, it’s kind of amazing this information is available to us at all.


“Eric Breitung works at the intersection of art and science—literally. A conservation scientist at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, he uses analytical chemistry to help preserve priceless artwork. But where others concentrate on specific paintings or sculptures, Breitung—a lifelong art lover and former General Electric research scientist—takes a broad approach: ‘My focus is the environment of the whole museum.'”

Read more about Breitung’s fascinating work at NatGeo: “This chemist is preserving art—before it’s too late.”


In the beautiful region of Galicia in the northwest of Spain, the Instagram influencers have “recently discovered a spectacular azure lake; one that makes a perfect background for showing off their figure. Beautiful, isn’t it? There’s just one problem. The ‘lake’ is actually a disused tungsten mine, and the vivid colors actually signify chemical contamination.”

Ok, not all insta influencers are insufferable—although most of them surely come off like that—and I do not wish anyone here any harm, but I can’t help chuckling over the skins rashes and gastric distress some of them have suffered. Also, to be fair, Galicia’s tourism board has downplayed the tungsten lake [oops, forgot that was kind of toxic!] and there should be more signage. And yet…after all that, it’s still kind of droll.

Curiosity piqued? Here you go: “Influencers Are Falling Ill After Mistaking Toxic Waste Dump For Gorgeous Blue Lake”

[a click o’ the camera to my pal George who included the story in his cast]


BONUS influencer thing where I roll my eyes at the gals on the lefthand side f these diptychs but totally want to hang out with the gals on the righthand side… and who are the same people.

“In a series of side-by-side shots,” Amsterdam-based vlogger Rianne Meijer “shared magazine-worthy poses next to hilariously candid (and not as flattering) photos in the same outfit.” It’s good stuff.


Nothing Can Capture the Raw Beauty of a Storm Like a Time-Lapse

“One of the world’s preeminent storm chasing time-lapse artists, Mike Olbinski, is back with his latest film, Vorticity 2. The film consists of approximately 122,000 frames of time-lapse captured over 54 days and nearly 40,000 miles driven during the spring months of 2018 and 2019.”


Hey nerds! Check this out! Bouncing liquid surface can make bubbles do a stop-start dance

“Way back in the ’70s, scientists discovered that if you take a droplet of oil and place it on the surface of an oil bath, it will bounce up and down as long as the surface of the bath is vibrating. About 10 years ago, scientists went a step further and showed that if you chose the vibrational frequency just right, then the droplet would move around the surface. Scientists referred to these perambulatory droplets as walkers—perhaps in a tribute to the fragility of walkers in Star Wars.”

Pretty hypnotic, no?


I saved the artiest entry here for lsat. It’s really gorgeous so be sure to check out both the story and the teaser they provided!

Glow-in-the-Dark Installation Invites Guests to Make Momentary Impressions on a Vast Color-Changing Landscape

“Dutch artist and designer Daan Roosegaarde has created an interactive phosphorescent landscape that highlights the mark of each visitor’s touch. The installation, titled PRESENCE, is the artist’s first solo exhibition at a museum and fills several rooms with interactive glow-in-the-dark concepts. Guests can capture their shadows as they are bathed in green and red light, dig their hands into thousands of glowing orbs, or trace neon light patterns across the museum floor. The installation was created as a metaphor for the impact of humans’ presence on Earth, which displays the multitude of ways we leave our impression behind.”




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